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How Can Ionic Orb SMS Help You

As a Security Management System, we at Ionic Orb would be delighted to get to know and accommodate your specific security management needs.

  • Depending on the site, duration-length or amount of time needed, we are available 24-7

  • We can give you guard coverage IN SPECIFIC ASSIGNMENTS related to Commercial-construction-RESIDENTAL-State-events

  • We will always cater to your SITE SPECIFICATIONS and REQUIREMENTS

  • Our average rate DEPENDS on your DESIRE-DEMANDS Approximately $30-$125 hour PER GUARD includes company Fees

  • For a clear CUSTOMIZED ESTIMATE and FREE SITE EVALUATION, we would walk through with the OWNER or MANAGEMENT COMPANY to review all possibilities 

  • Simply just GIVE US A CALL, there is NO OBLIGATION

  • We would be happy to help you with your SECURITY NEEDS

  • Guaranteed Customer Satisfaction

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